My new years eve

My new years eve was pretty interesting, I had been invited to this house party but I wasn’t aloud to go to it because my parents said I had been going out to much which was very true but this party was meant to be amazing.

I somehow got my parents permission to go to the party, so I took my time getting ready and went to my friends house for pree drinks but it turns out we couldn’t pree drink because his mum was at home so we just decided to play FIFA before the house party. Then after that we went to meet some of the other lads me and my friend prince were walking through town and we saw a fight happen, then after watching the fight we finally met up with our other friends called Luke and Romeo.

After we meant up with Luke and Romeo we started walking towards the house party, this house was meant to be one of the sickest house parties everyone was talking about it. On the way to the house party I went to the shop to by drinks because the other lads didn’t want to go to the party sober but I didn’t get served because I’m still 17 after that we just went to the house, we got to the house and expected it to be live but the party turned out to be pretty bad because hardly any people were there so we just started playing and had a few drinks and before we noticed the some many people came to the house party together with in 10 minutes the house was packed, everyone was having fun. After a while we got bored so we started playing beer pong girl vs boys but the glasses didn’t have beer in it the glasses had vodka in it, so yeah I got drunk very quickly and the boys lost beer pong.

After beer pong we started talking a few pictures in all the picture I looked disgusting because I was very drunk. After that I started talking to this girl think I was going to pull, it was all going so well but then I got a text from a girl I am talking to with love hearts which the girl I was talking to saw so she said “who is she?” The only thing I could think of was she is my sister which sounded like the biggest lie. So We stopped talking because she thought I had a girlfriend 😦

After that everyone started getting ready to go out clubbing in town, which is bit of problem for my friend Luke because he looks very young but we got a taxi to town but everyone got into club which is good. I cannot really remember much after I remember walking home in the rain after. This was little glimpse of my new years eve.


My new years eve